Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On This Day 01-22-2008

On this chosen day, Writer Woman is glad to say the review for her online magazine was better than good. It was great! Kind of like Tony The Tiger. Anybody remember him? She really sweated over this review because you see Writer Woman is a writer not an editor. When she began her online magazine, it was with the thought that she would provide a safe place for short story writers to be published. Simple.

The magazine came together quickly. Hubby, the artist, donated his efforts on cover art for each issue. Writers came out of the woodwork to help launch the magazine. So, it was Writer Woman’s pleasure to pass on the wonderful review to Hubby and the writers who make it happen. Yeah!

Now Writer Woman has to go face the page this morning. She does much to avoid writing these days. Every excuse in the world, including her blog, keeps her from addressing her project; the beast of a project that threatens to consume her.

Most writers know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the project that shuts them down and makes them search for excuses. When I do spend some time writing, it is always good. The prose flows and I like what direction the story takes, but it is exhausting because it is a story too close to my heart for any kind of gleaned comfort. I spend two days recovering from two hours of work. Really, I wonder if this is the project for me, but it’s been my experience that these kinds of projects are always my best work.

Back to the page.

Writer Woman

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