Friday, January 18, 2008

On This Day 01-18-2008

On this chosen day, the sun streams into Writer Woman’s study for the first day in what seems like a month. Snow fell on Wednesday evening right before dark. Writer Woman’s husband and daughter went out and played as the snow swirled through the air. There is a good chance to encounter more tomorrow.

Writer Woman is struggling with a memoir project. Writing nonfiction is like wearing her shoes on the wrong feet for a whole day. She finds excuses not to write; such as writing in her blog. Fiction is her strong suit. Should she stop? Should she go back to what she knows?

Julia Cameron believes that each person has a well to be filled. The way one fills this deep whole is by playing, leaving work behind. On Sunday Writer Woman retreated to her study and looked at art books. She hung her favorite art posters from an earlier time. One the exposed brick wall, she hung a green shooting star with white lights inside. Beside the star, hung a big dragonfly lit by colored lights. These are to remind her during her writing not to take it all so serious.

Later that evening she found the opening paragraphs for her project floating inside her head. How does one fill her well? Play. Have fun.

Homework assignment: Play tomorrow and then listen.

Writer Woman

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