Saturday, January 5, 2008

On This Day 01-05-2008

On this chosen day, Writer Woman had a morning out. Qigong instruction…Oh you ask what is qigong? Don’t worry Writer Woman asked the same thing when she began this past September. First it is pronounced Chee-gong. A lot of people call qigong Chinese yoga. Writer Woman plays the New Forest Qigong. This was designed by John A. Bright-Fey. It’s much simpler for westerns, like herself, to understand than the intricate traditional Chinese Qigong. The only rule is one must wear a light smile.

So, Writer Woman’s qigong sessions started again today. Even though she plays a twenty minute session each morning, she missed the group interaction. After the session ended—and it was an especially relaxing session—there was a brunch. The food was magnificent. The house was warm and inviting. The conversation was stimulating. This all adds up to a wonderful day. This day made Writer Woman understand why the decision to stick with qigong was so good for her.

Since she started playing qigong, many changes have taken place in her life. The first was learning to slow her pace in writing. Before qigong she wrote in a manic fashion without coming up for air until she fell out and couldn’t write any longer. She learned this from her corporate life, and somehow her year away did not slow her pace. Next with the slowing of pace came the heightened creativity. Before she knew what had happened, she was meditating on most morning, and spending spans of time thinking. Imagine taking the time to just think. It’s awesome and every writer should try it. Next she noticed her spiritual side became more natural. She could sit and listen to someone talk without the need to inject her opinion. Big stuff!

Finally she took a spare room in her house and turned it into her space. It’s a beautiful room with large cushions and throws. The walls are exposed brick and a double window from ceiling to floor that faces east. In the morning Writer woman sits on a cushion and faces the window to meditate.

Her work has taken on a depth it did not have prior to joining qigong. A year ago she would not have made her a space to work, meditate, and play. There is no space for manic movement and crazy schedules in Writer Woman’s life now. Not to say her life is calm and serene all the time, but she approaches it in a steady pace. Art only comes when inspired. To be inspired one must slow down and allow the inspiration to work through the mind and the heart.

Writer Woman encourages all writers to find a way to slow their pace, to breathe, to take a walk and just think. It is wonderful what it will do for your work and the mind-body.

Writer Woman closes today with a saying from qigong: Everything you need is locked away deep inside of you. All you need is some keys to unlock a few doors. And now you know the secret.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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