Wednesday, January 9, 2008

On This Day 01-09-2008

On this chosen day, with Little Daughter back in school, Writer Woman sits down to write. The computer screen of her laptop is intimidating. It shines like a lantern in a fog. Weeks have passed since she followed her writing routine. Has she lost her ability to form words into sentences, sentences into paragraphs, paragraphs into a decent story? Time will tell.

Yesterday, Writer Woman spent the day with her niece, who is visiting from London. It was one of those days that Julia Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way) talks about when she suggests that an artist has to fill up her well. We caught up on five years of talking. Niece is beautiful in ways she wasn’t before she left. She has this chic, confident look. Writer Woman is sure this is because she learned how to build her own brand of life; instead of the life pushed on her by well-meaning family members.

In another country, one is alone and left to fend for herself. This fending brings out the survivor instinct. Niece has learned more about life than she ever would within the location of her family. When she speaks, it’s with a self-assurance that most older adults cannot imagine. Writer Woman knows she will learn much from Niece’s visit. It wonderful to have the mentor learn from the student.

Niece brought Writer Woman a gift that indicated that she had listened when Writer Woman spoke to her about the life she was carving out of her passion. The gift hangs in Writer Woman’s writing room on the exposed brick wall. It is a carved resin plaque painted with bronze. The carving reads: Be Still and Know That I Am. This gift was purchased at Westminster Abby, where Niece works. It speaks of Writer Woman’s need for stillness and her belief in the great ‘I Am’.

The day was over all too soon, but Writer Woman knows that she has filled her well with wonderful conversation and love.

Writers need this well filled so as to dip into it and create. Carve out time today to fill your well and then write friends write.

Writer Woman is off to pound the keyboard. With what she is not sure, but hopefully creativity gathered from her rest.

Writer Woman

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