Friday, January 11, 2008

On This Day 01-11-2008

On this chosen day, Writer Woman has to laugh at herself. She had dinner with a good friend and aspiring writer. While in the middle of the main and only course, Aspiring Writer’s phone rang, and she began to have a deep conversation with the caller. From Writer Woman’s side of the conversation, it seemed to be serious. The word turkey was mentioned and then Aspiring Writer points at Writer Woman. She mouths that Writer Woman has to help her.

Now Writer Woman has two big fears in her life: 1) flying in any kind of airplane. Just talking about it makes her break out in hives. 2) She cannot ask for donations of any kind. The thought of cold calling a business for a fundraiser knocks her to the ground.

And there was the mention of turkey, and Aspiring Writer was talking to someone from the church they both attend. Writer Woman began to prepare her speech in her mind of how she would say no. Hadn’t she promised that this year she would learn to say no more? Here was the perfect chance. The whole scene began to build in her mind.

Then, Aspiring Writer hung up the phone and said, “You have to help me with the devotional during our women’s meeting next week.”

Had Writer Woman heard correct? This was about a devotional reading not fundraising and flying in planes?

“Sure I can do that.” Now normally this would have been a terrifying proposal, but it paled in the light of what had built in Writer Woman’s mind. So, this Monday night she will step out of her box and lead the women’s meeting in a devotional.

How does this come close to being a writing lesson? Easy. How many times do writers defeat themselves before they ever start? They play out the responses to their short story before they hand it over to one reader. They create such a harsh response that it becomes next to impossible to allow anyone to read their work. So, the story goes back into the drawer, hidden away. And the writers go back to their safe little desks, a little empty, but safe, secure. But what if they handed it to a reader they trust and know loves them? What if the writers prepare for the harshest of comments and then, it is a better critique than they could imagine? What then? What if stepping out of their safe little boxes and handing over their work is the best thing they ever did for their art? What is to be made of it? This means they have to change, grow, evolve to the next level. Often writers don’t want to succeed because in success comes that dreaded word, CHANGE.

Remember just because someone says the word turkey it doesn’t mean it is a fundraiser, and allow the reader you trust to see your work. Then take a chance, step way out of your comfort zone, send the story off for publication. What’s the worse that can happen? You end up getting a no. It’s not the end of the world, but only the beginning of new life, of change, sharing your art.

Writer Woman is signing off so she can go work on her devotional.

Please notice the whole new look Camera Woman gave to Writer Woman’s blog. Beautiful.

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