Monday, August 4, 2008

Dancing In The Streets

When is the last time you danced in the streets? Well, I did this past Saturday night, after a huge thunderstorm, when Smyrna celebrated their 136th birthday. I danced with my youngest daughter and hubby to really bad Jimmy Buffet music. Once a Parrot Head, always a Parrot Head. We danced while people lined up for free birthday cake and ice creame. We danced until the fireworks began just over our heads. Wow, what a show!

It felt so good to let go and just dance. Try it. You may just enjoy your new freedom.

This night has helped a lot while wading through the chaos that comes at us from all sides. Give yourself a night. It's well worth the effort, my friends. Daughter begins school next Monday, so this is our last week of summer together. Both of us are ready for a change, but yet, we'll miss the summer routine. This week we are doing all those things that we missed. Today we watched Titanic. Daughter is a romantic, and I just need a good reason to be one. Tomorrow we will make shower plans with middle daughter for pregnant daughter. I don't know what we will do on Wednesday. Whatever hits us.

My collected stories published at The Dead Mule will be available in a pdf file soon. I'll give you a heads up.


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