Friday, August 15, 2008

Week One Of Walking and More Writing Stuff

I've decided wouldn't it be fun to journal about my commitment to walking my daughter home from school. I wrote a little about this at the end of the school year. Now we 've begun a new year and with the gas prices like they are, my commitment is stronger than ever.

This week is what I call warming up. If you read between the lines, you see that for one reason or another I have not walked regularly all summer. So warming up is a nice way of saying this walking stuff is for the birds, except birds rarely walk. They get to use their wonderful wings. I wish I had wings. If I did then I could both address the fuel prices and save my arches. Enough whining.

Since May the city has placed a sign at each crosswalk telling drivers that its the law to give foot traffic the right away. Yeah city! No doubt foot traffic has increased. I've seen this with my own two eyes. Many more people are using the buses and the sidewalks are busier. The temps this year are beautiful. This time last year I had to contend with 100 degree weather. This week I've seen 85 as the hottest temp.

Rain: Ah, I always struggle with rain. We dodged the downpours this week. They occurred overnight and cleared out by the next day. Since we've had a drought, I don't pray for it not to rain. I'll deal with it.

While walking this week, I've listened to two podcasts. One was an interview with Wayne Dyer. I found it very useful. I also discovered a solution for my novel. Walking does that for me. Yes, I look funny standing in front of the school, scribbling on a note card, but so is the life of a writer.

Yesterday I began an hour long podcast interview with Andre Dubus III author of House of Sand And Fog and his newest novel, In The Garden or something like that. I was mostly interested in what he had to say about plotting a book. He said don't. I love this man. He said allow your characters to show you where they are going and what they are doing.

So often I am asked how I plotted that story. And I just shrug my shoulders and tell the person asking he or she would have to speak to the characters. You wouldn't believe the looks I get from that comment.

Andre Dubus says to plot is to tell your imagination you don't trust it.

Thank You!

So my week of walking has been intellectiually stimulatling, even if my body has cried.

Walk more. You might be surprised where it will take you.

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