Monday, July 28, 2008

What's Your Legacy?

"...The brick walls are there to stop the people who don't want it badly enough. They're there to stop the OTHER people." --Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

I found out on Friday afternoon, while staying at my daughter's house, that Randy Pausch had died. This is a man that changed my life by changing my way of thinking. I urge all of you to take the time to read The Last Lecture. Even if you're not a reader, even if you think you're too busy, take the time. You can also watch the actual lecture on the web. Google Randy Pausch. A special will air Tuesday night at 10 on ABC. It will be well worth your time to watch.

This man left a legacy that reached out to millions of all ages. He didn't leave his mark by making tons of money or climbing some corporate ladder. No, he touched people through his effort to sew a net for his children to fall in after he left the world. What kind of legacy will we leave? What's important in our lives? What will people remember about us when we're gone? All of these questions are very important to me.

Just some food for thought.


Beth Fehlbaum, Author said...

Thanks for your comment on my site, and for this post, too. I think about what my legacy will be, a lot. Now that I have a published novel (as of Sept. 1), it is comforting to me to know that a piece of me, inspired by my own experiences, will remain, even after I am long gone. I have 3 daughters, and I recognize my legacy in them, as well; please don't think I'm comparing my kids to a book.
But this novel is something that comes from a well deep inside me, from dark places I'd never want my children to live for themselves.
So, someday, even if there's just one copy left in a drawer somewhere, the legacy of what I and millions of other survivors have endured, will live on. And, most important to me, is that HOPE lives on for those who will, sadly, doubtless come after the rest of us survivors have left the earth.

Ann Hite said...

I'm not sure why I thought your book was a memoir. You fooled this fiction writer. Good work! I so agree with you. I had an essay published in The Right Words At the Right Time, Vol 2. It was a small scene from one long hard childhood. I never thought about writing it as a novel. Can I pick your brain sometime?