Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dr Pepper With A Little Foam

I just love those days where I play around writing blogs instead of working on my novel. Anyway this story was too good to let it pass. It's a story about how my hubby got what was coming to him :). 

Anybody that knows me, knows I'm not a Dr. Pepper lover. I believe you either love it or hate it. There is no in-between. Hubby, on the other hand, would walk a mile to buy a bottle. Everybody that has met Hubby knows he is a fun-loving kid at heart. This is the very thing that I both love and battle. 

Example: I came downstairs the other night after my bath to find him and my daughter playing bubbles in my kitchen, where I'd just mopped the white floor. Hubby doesn't blow bubbles the normal way. Nope, he uses a straw and blows into the sudsy dishwater I left in the sink. Daughter was right there blowing until the bubbles not only filled the air but ran over into the floor. Hubby even added extra dishwashing liquid to make more bubbles. 

I transformed into crab-mom, raised my pinchers in the air, and chased said husband and daughter out of the room with threats of dismemberment. I guess that's what I get for leaving the dishwater in the sink. 

Ah but, the next afternoon I caught Daughter in the kitchen with a straw in her hand and bubbles floating in the air. A small puddle of dishwashing liquid was on the counter. When I questioned her, she had no idea how the bubbles materialized. Because I was late for an appointment and it was just easier to walk away, I didn't question her any further. We moms have to pick and choose our battles. 

The next morning was Mother's Day. Hubby got up before me--big deal for him--cooked breakfast, and served it to me on a tray. He then rewarded himself with a cup of Dr. Pepper--I give him grief about his caffeine intake. 

"This Dr. Pepper sure is foamy." 

Daughter giggled. 

I ate.

Hubby took one big gulp and sent the offensive taste all over the room. 

"It tastes like soap. Did you rinse the cups good?" 

I ate. 

Daughter giggled. 

When Hubby left the room to rinse out the glass and start again, Daughter giggled more. 

I ate. 

"This cup must have been full of soap. I can't rinse it out." He yelled from the kitchen.

I looked at Daughter, who shrugged. 

"Did you blow some big bubbles?" 

Daughter giggled. 

The way I see it Hubby got what he had coming to him. He taught Daughter to play bubbles in the kitchen. She just happened to use his cup to hold the soap since I'd learned my lesson about leaving dishwater in the sink. 


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Very funny, Ann. I'm Helen Losse, Poetry Editor for the Mule. I blog at Windows Toward the World http://helenl.wordpress.com/