Friday, May 16, 2008

All About Me

This is one of those blogs where it's all about me. First I'm guest blogger on 
A Good Blog's Hard To Find. The owners are a variety of southern authors. It was fun and a pleasure to work with the blog. You should check the entire blog out. 

I'm dead tired. I've been soaked and abused this morning. Yes, I spent the morning at Daughter's school, helping out for field day. I'd rather write for ten hours straight. Once again I was given the water pipe game. This game is proof it doesn't take much to entertain our youth today. It's just good old fashion fun. For them! 

You begin with eight mop size buckets, four pvc pipes, capped at one end, and holes drilled down  the length. The object is to get as much water from one bucket to the other bucket seven feet across from you by using the pipes and a ladle. Total chaos! Total. Water flies, kids run, and I clean up before the next class comes my way. I did this for three hours. Of course it was wonderful to see Daughter for ten minutes and eat a Life Saver Popsicle. 

When it was over I ran like a mad woman to the my home, down to my study, and checked my email. Ah, now I'm writing this, writing with words, no screaming children, just writing. Peace. It makes me appreciate Daughter and even the one or two kids she brings over. 

Well, it's over until next year.


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