Thursday, April 24, 2008

Standing In Line At Wal-Mart

Well, my publication of selected Black Mountain Stories in The Dead Mule is almost upon me. I've been asked to write an introduction to the stories. I'm not big on introductions unless they really provide the reader with information vital to the work. I thought it might be fun to give the reader some insight on how the stories came into existence. Some invented themselves in line at Wal-Mart. I carry a writing notebook with me everywhere I go to the angst of my family. And let's face it standing in line on Saturday afternoon is the perfect place to write. 

Working with Valerie, the editor, at The Dead Mule has been a fun experience. The Mule  has been around since 1995. It is one of the best places to find good southern literature and wonderful poetry. I'm honored to be a feature writer. I did finish the blog post for Valerie. It's so weird writing about yourself. I kept thinking who cares? 

I also have a new goal. I want to get into the Artist Residency Program at The Hambige Center. This goal is set for the distant future. First I have to ween myself from my daughter and husband. Two weeks sounds like forever to leave my family. Plus, I want the writing project I am currently working on to be completed. But the thought of staying in one of their studios for two weeks with nothing to think about but writing is all too appealing. We shall see. Who knows what the future may bring. Someone said that. Who? 

My writing workshop for Smyrna Library will be held in June. I'm putting together an outline now. Helping kids to love words and writing is another goal I have. 

So, I'm off to work. The novel should be finished in the next month. Then I can polish. Gees now I sound like a shoe shine person. 

Writer Woman (Ann)


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