Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Are You Reading?

Is everyone reading there books? I have finished my seven chapters and written my post for Friday. I must confess I had to do this because of my workload. Wow! I am enjoying this book. I have decided when I was assigned this book in school, I must have cheated by watching the movie or using cliff notes. No more comments on the book before Friday.

Good news this week.

My selected Black Mountain stories will be featured in The Dead Mule, out April 28th. I will be following poetry month featuring Virginia's Poet Laureate. Scary stuff. Hope I can live up to that one.

The editor for The Dead Mule has asked me to write an essay for The Mule's Blog about my writing process. So, guys I feel like I've finally reach some bar. (Not sure which one) I've been asked as a writer to describe how I write. It is both the most dreaded and anticipated question for a writer. It does point to the fact that readers do see you as a writer. Wow! Now I just have to describe how I do it :), which is totally crazy on most days.

And finally, I've received my review copies of books to be reviewed for The Feminist Review, and this is the reason I read my seven chapters and wrote the Friday post. I'll be reviewing Ursula K. LeGuin's new novel Lavinia to be released this month and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Collected Novellas. Lot's of good reading and writing. And of course there is always the current project.

And if that wasn't enough books, I'm reading a wonderful book called Pen On Fire by Barbara DeMarco-Barrett. Barbara is the host of Writers on Writing, a radio show that features Writers talking about their process and books. Excellent.

See you on Friday.
Writer Woman


Melissa said...

I've finished my 7 chapters and sneaked on ahead a bit. I still can't believe I have never read this book or seen the movie. I know nothing of what is to come and I'm loving the first experience!

heather r. lowe said...

okay, i am being greedy. as of today, the third, i am on chapter 15. i'm sure i'll get through more of it today. i can't stop reading. i won't go into detail but i have read this before, AGES ago and i count the film as a classic. saying all that i cannot put it down. but i'll withold my detailed opinions for tomorrow!

Ann Hite said...

Because of work, I can't race ahead. My posts will be a mess if I do, but I want to. I began one of my review books last night. While it is beautiful, I hunger after more Mockingbird.