Monday, September 1, 2008


A little over a month ago I began participating in a new challenge. The challenge is called 29 Day Give Challenge. I did it just to see what the buzz was about. Cami, the founder, began this site after someone challenged her to give when she was at her lowest with MS. Not long into her giving she began to see a remarkable occurrence. Not only did she feel better, but wonderful things began to come her way. You see when you give it comes back to you. I know we've been taught this, but so many of us think of a give as money. Money is good, but there are so many other gives out there.

I am rotating through my second round of 29 days. I've given a lot of myself. Most of the time the recipient doesn't even understand. They enjoy. And this is the point. I have given anything from my time to my writing. This challenge makes me keenly aware of what I do each day. How do I approach life and what is important to me.

These are the things I've found on the site. Strong women from all walks of life are everywhere. Many live right here in the Atlanta area. We've planned a meet up for later in the month. The topic of the meeting will be giving. How can we as a group give?

Each day I log on to the site and write a blog post about my giving for the day before. We tell our stories. And, these stories are amazing. The site is full of artists of all mediums. This doesn't surprise me. What have I gained from this effort? I've learned more than ever that I need to simplify my life, take it down to just what I need, not want. I've learned that you can travel, shop, eat out, buy new cars, and toys of all kinds, but that will not quench the need to change your life and move into something much more important.

Since I began to think more about my gives, I feel lighter, more compassionate than I ever have. I forgive easier and open myself to others more. I fully believe this is the reason my brother picked this moment to come back into my life. I'm ready now. I can give. I don't watch others and wish I had what they had or could go where they go. I'm content to look at myself in the mirror. My writing has expanded, and I've even allowed myself to be imperfect. That's a big one. Even when I do get angry--and it has happened--I get over faster.

I strongly urge you to take a look at the site. If you're looking for something that to add more substance in your life, this is the place.

You won't regret visiting the site.

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