Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gas, Gas, Where Did The Gas Go?

I don't how it is in the rest of the country, but us guys here in Georgia don't have much gas :). I live just four miles north of Atlanta and my county had two gas stations with the pumps open. Two. Do you know how many people live four miles north of Atlanta. Just about the whole city! This is something out of the seventies or worse than the seventies. We've been walking a lot. I walk my nine year old back and forth to school. We walk to the nearest store for the quickie purchases, but alas, we had to get in line for gas. The big family reunion is taking place in North Georgia. Gas is required.

Hubby had a plan. He was on the road early before seven a.m. This is unheard of in our house for a Saturday. But he was off. Here we are like some fools sitting in line, using what precious gas we have, to obtain more gas at the tune of 4.19 a gallon. What is wrong with this picture, friends? You don't even want me to get on my soapbox about this. :)

Hubby's strategy paid off. And there was the little matter of a woman who motioned him in before her. What you want to bet she's on my 29 give challenge site and lists this as her give for the day? Within ten minutes and one giant give, my husband has gas in our car. He then went to his mother's house and picked up her truck. He went back to sit in the mile long line again. This time around it took an hour, but hey we all have gas now. So we're off to the family reunion.

But still I keep thinking of what our fate as a country would be if gas didn't exist any longer. What would we do? And should we all look at this question and begin to approach life with this thought in mind? It makes this woman take a harder look at living a green life. What is the lyrics to that song? "It's not easy being green."


Brad's Kimberly said...

Wow, you guys are in a pickle. We don't have that problem at all here in Pensacola, FL. Our gas is also around 3.69 a gallon and alot of it. I'm heading that way next week. Better fill up in Alabama before I hit the Georgia line!

Nazdi Boski said...

G2 and I were in N Carolina recently, and were all in a tizzy over the lack of gas. Plastic bags over pump handles everywhere...and we were on a long ago planned road trip. The summer price hike hadn't happened, either. Things worked out for us, but we still wonder what the heck this was all about.

Nazdi Boski said...

That last...didn't realize that gmail, in all it's infinite wisdom, had switched me over to my old, unused blog. Try this one: