Monday, June 2, 2008

Stimulating The Economy

Well, Hubby and I got our stimulus check. I swore I would not spend any of it, but you know it was our patriotic duty to boost the economy, so we compromised and took a third to spend. Yeah! Now, I've lusted after a new i-pod ever since the new design came out, but I just couldn't justify buying one since my daughter bought me a shuffle Christmas of 2006. It was everything I needed, and she had it engraved. 

What to do with my spending money? I could go on a book buying spree! This was tempting, but I just couldn't get that slim, sleek nano out of my mind. So, you know what happened. I broke down and bought one. What else could I do when I saw it behind the locked case. I could put all my podcasts, audiobooks, and music in one place.  I can even watch videos if I wear my strong glasses and store my favorite photos on it for showing off. It's a beautiful thing. 

Hubby bought a new tent. Yes, camping at its best. And we still put two-thirds of the check in savings, so we're feeling good. We are off for a vacation to the mountains at the end of the month with Jack's side of the family. This will be our first all-family vacation in years. I'm looking forward to the mountains. I will take my writing notebook and maybe my laptop. Who knows I might get some good fodder. That's how the Black Mountain series began. 

Did I mention that I hate summer :). The temps here promise to be 89 today. It's the humidity that kills us 84%. It causes chaos. This morning we're nearing eighty and it's not even nine o'clock. My morning started early. Little Daughter woke up at seven again this morning. So, there goes quiet journaling time. Older Youngest Daughter called as Hubby was going out the door to work. She is going to have a baby in October, and the whole situation is beginning to sink in, along with our damp, oppressive heat. Hubby decides to come back up to the front door to tell me something he forgot. Little Daughter is yelling to get Older Youngest Daughter's new phone number.  Older Youngest Daughter is still talking, and I'm crazy! 

This is summer! Gone are the quiet mornings where the neighborhood empties out and leaves me to the birds and hum of the traffic on the nearby highway. Gone are the days when I don't speak a word after seven-thirty until I pick Daughter up at school. It is culture shock at its best. 

But this morning I will buckled down and work on another novel chapter. The whole summer stretches out in front of me. This is the time of year Publishing takes a breath and relaxes a little until August. I have time. I will write, just not in long stretches. 


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VCW said...

Glad to hear that you are doing your part to boost the economy.

I have never even used an i-pod; I am so behind the times. They seem magical though, or certainly would to someone from the 1800's. That is what time period I feel like I should be in sometimes.

School has a couple more days here, and the temps are in the high nineties. Yikes! It's only the first part of June. Humidity is high here too, but I don't think that it's 84%, not in central Texas anyway. Maybe South Texas where my Mama's house is.

Have a nice vacation. I'll look in from time to time. I always follow your links, even if I don't reply or make a comment. If I do answer, I tend to overwrite... as you can see.