Monday, June 9, 2008

Too Hot For Wilbur

This weekend it was so hot in Georgia, even the pigs came to the beach! We spent the day at the lake Saturday. The water felt like a warm bath, but it was better than sitting in the house. You have to be careful in this kind of heat. The lake can fool you into thinking you're cool when your body is getting too much sun. I know because I spent most of my time in the lake and didn't drink as much as I normally would. I could feel the effects by the time I left.  We did get a strong storm on Friday that dumped lots of rain on us, but the temps still remained high. They are calling for a break in the temps this week. Chance of rain is in the forecast too. We leave for the mountains next week. Yeah!

This week I teach my writing workshop. I always get nervous when I stand up in front of people. I also am on a book reviewing roll. I have four great upcoming novels to review. 
  1. Dear American Airlines by Jonathan Miles
  2. Tomato Girl by Jayne Pupek
  3. A Dangerous Age by Ellen Gilchrist
  4. The Plague of Dove by Louise Erdrich 
It so happens two of these authors are my favorite authors and I own all their books. Along with pay, I receive a hard cover book instead of the customary advanced copy in paperback. What fun! 

I also have a new Black Mountain story coming out in Literary House Review. This is a annual print journal that is a beautiful anthology of stories and poetry. I will also write the introduction for the book. 

Novel work is coming along. I am submitting chapters to my writing group. They are wonderful help. All writers should have a group where they can go to get trusted feedback on their work. No matter how good the writer, they always need another set of eyes. 

So, there you go. This post has mostly been about me, but I'd like to mention the sand art is once again Hubby! 


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Melissa said...

LOVE IT!! Summer sand art!!

Jack is awesome!

We leave for the mountains Thursday. It's supposed to rain everyday we are there! :) oh well! I can't complain about rain, we need it too badly.