Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Write A Story

I’m reading Ron Carlson Writes a Story. I highly recommend this book for writers in all stages. He takes the process of writing and puts it into terms that writers get, or this writer anyway. He talks about the outer story and how in writing this, our inner story evolves on its own. ‘Just the facts please’ is a term he uses more than once. Bring your writing to life with detail or the inventory of the scene.

I plan on using some of his suggestions on a recent story rewrite. I’ve finally come to understand that the only way I’m going to be the best writer I can is by writing more and talking less. I’ve always known this, but I find ways to escape the writing. I get up and go get coffee. I check my email. I stop to do research right at that minute. All of these are excuses to get away from the guts of my story.

Tomorrow I will write without disturbing my writing. I will not check email, get coffee, or research. I will write. I let you know how the rewrite of the story goes.

Writer Woman

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