Friday, March 14, 2008

Moving Forward

Writer Woman has spent the past two weeks with the flu. This sickness narrowed her world. The first three days she spent in bed unable to stand for more than two minutes at a time. On the fourth day, she moved her laptop in bed with her. Writing was not an option, but reading a few emails was doable. The fifth day brought a need to put words into the computer. She spent an hour writing on the memoir, or better known as the monster from the lagoon. But it felt wonderful to write. You know you have it bad when you write even though you can barely hold your head off the pillow.

Now nearly two weeks later, Writer Woman has begun to feel hunger pains. She sits at her desk in the bedroom conspiring to write a short entry for her blog. She has read many new books and drank cases of water.

What can a writer learn from this? Writing is part of you. It never goes away even when you're too sick to write. It just waits. All the words lined up, tapping their toes in anticipation.

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