Monday, March 17, 2008

A Person is a Person No Matter How Small

The grass is beginning to grow in the yard and that means the task of mowing will begin soon. After all the terrible storms we’ve endured the past few days, I’m surprised it’s not a foot high. Downtown Atlanta was hit by a tornado for the first time ever. My middle daughter lives in downtown. Her home escaped the storm, but two miles up the road in the lofts where she lived a year ago, there was complete devastation. The building in which she lived collapsed in on itself. The pictures and film clips on the news gives me a sick stomach. Everyone is well. My other daughters who live in North Georgia where tornados hit all day Saturday came out fine.

Hubby, Little Daughter, and I (writer woman) went to see Horton Hears a Who yesterday. It was a wonderful little movie with the original message Dr. Seuss intended. After the movie, we popped into Borders located next door to the theater. I bought two new novels. I just devour books now days. I splurged and bought Joshilyn Jackson’s new novel, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming, in hard cover, and an older novel by Emily Listfield. It was a wonderful to go home with two new books.

I hope to write a review on Jackson’s book. My book reviews help me keep my very fiction toes in nonfiction.

So I close today thinking of Horton as they are dragging him into the large cage and carrying the clover away saying, “Boil that dust speck. Boil that dust speck.” The people in Whoville are screaming, “We are here. We are here.” And then that one little quiet who adds its voice to the chant. And the crowd about to boil the dust speck hears the tiny screams. Speak up when you have something worth saying and be quiet, listen when the time comes. You may just save a world or hear something you would have missed if you were too busy trying to boil that dust speck.

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