Thursday, August 6, 2009

All I Wanted To Do Was Ride The School Bus

You know summer is almost over when you take your child for sneak a peek at school. This is where everyone is prepared for school on the first day. Mom and dad meet new teacher, see the room, and get their list of supplies. Well when I went to school--I know my kids are rolling their eyes right now--I walked to school on the first day and everyday, rain, sleet, and snow, by myself, armed with a class schedule that was surely wrong. My mother never--and I mean never--set foot into the school unless I was in deep trouble. I liked it that way.

I lived a quarter of a mile from the school. No big deal to walk, unless the walk was along the main bus route to school. Yes every bus delivering to my Jr. High came down this road to drop of their kids.

I started my walk by praying that I could make it to school without one bus passing me. Fat chance. When a bus passed, it was a blessing only to have a knock on the window or the flattened face of some stupid boy against the glass. The dreaded response was a friend opening a window and yelling.

"Hey, Ann, walk a little faster!"

At those times, I hated my mother for moving so close to the school. When I brought the problem up to her, she only looked at me and frowned.

"Most kids would be thankful they didn't have to ride those horrible buses."

In what universe?

Not one of my four girls wanted to ride the bus. They thought it was the worst curse put upon them.

I always said, "If you had to walk, you'd hate it. Believe me. I know. Most kids would love to ride the school bus."

They only rolled their eyes and wondered in what universe?

Some things never change!

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Grandma L said...

I went to school so long ago, I didn't know what a bus was. It sure was wonderful when we moved to town and I didn't have so far to walk. I love your blog.